Thursday, July 9, 2015

I'm Not Handicapped

The following is a guest blog post from Dwight Johnson, an injured worker who was awarded the WorkCompCentral Injured Worker Comp Laude Award for his outstanding leadership, perseverance and overall attitude.

Dwight will be the motivational speaker at the upcoming California Coalition on Workers' Compensation conference at the Disney Grand Californian Hotel in Anaheim, CA on Wednesday, July 22 at 4:25 p.m. following the Kids' Chance Presentation.

If you haven't heard Dwight speak before, I urge you to attend at least this one session - he is captivating, engaging, and yes, you will need tissues because his story is compelling.

**********I'm Not Handicapped, by Dwight Johnson**********

When you see me drive up and get out, you’re surprised to see this guy with no legs get out of the truck. You have no idea what it has taken for me to get to this step. I’m actually glad I can drive without the usual hand controls and such.

When you watch me walk you have no idea of the strenuous work I’ve done to get to this point. I’ve done my training for the simple acts. Most of the time with tear jerking pain in order to bring myself back to what you call normal.

When you see me in the store you gently stop and try to take a quick look. You hope I don’t pick up what you are trying to see. What you don’t know is the numerous hours of practice for me to get used to being around people.
Dwight at Comp Laude 2014

When I show up at the restaurant, please try to focus on your guests or menu. I am very nervous to even be here. Will I sit down without falling down? Will I be able to get up without any problems? When I leave, there is so much pressure to just exit without tripping or falling.

When I try to work in my front yard do not slow the car down to look at me. I’m making an attempt to do the everyday items required to maintain a yard. This has taken hours of practice and numerous falls.

Overall you may think that I’m handicapped, but you are wrong.

I cherish every day that I wake up, enjoy the sight of my loved ones and the future of the day to see more of my loved ones. I look forward to the challenges that will come my way today I look forward to the challenges I have set for myself and beat them. At the end of the day I can go to sleep knowing that I have given 110% on everything I’ve done today.

For in my heart I am not handicapped. You are. I have been to the bottom, and everything I do each day gives me the greatest joy of accomplishment. I have learned far more from the simplest issues in life than you will take the time to look into, or enjoy.

I have learned the value of true love. For I have found my true love in my new life. I cherish this love every minute of each and every day. I have watched them try to handle, take care of and deal with me... I don’t think in my old life if I honestly could do this.

So you see, I’m not handicapped. I HAVE BEEN GIVEN A NEW OUTLOOK ON LIFE that is so special, only a few in this world get it.

I will proceed forward with a pure positive lifestyle, attitude, and most importantly the chance to help others achieve where I am today.

God Bless, and Have a Kick Ass Day

Dwight Johnson


Dwight makes custom art shoes under the brand Soule Innovations. The idea was to take people's attention away from the amputations to something more positive. You can follow his work on Facebook.

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