Thursday, May 19, 2016

Summit Notes

Bob Wilson from has posted links to the notes compiled by David Langham arising out of the 2016 Workers' Compensation Summit held in Dallas last week.

The notes are broken down into five categories; plagiarizing Bob's post hopefully with his permission:

Summit Notes – These are generalized notes of comments made during our two days of discussion. They are generally presented in the overall order they were made.

Friction Points – these notations were part of a discussion about those transactional points that slow down, increase the cost or potentially disrupt the claims process.

Paradoxical Incentive Points – these notes are related to discussions where incentive/payment structures may not be in line with desired outcomes.

Regulatory Points – a great deal of energy went into discussing regulatory burdens and oversight as related to workers’ compensation. These are broken out for your benefit here.

Imperative Issues* – These are the final points that the group identified as pain points or problem areas within workers’ compensation. *IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING THIS FINAL DOCUMENT: This is simply the release of a rough outline. The group will be working further on these points, and is currently undergoing a survey process to prioritize these particular issues. Once that is complete, we plan a more formalized document that contains a “Statement of Purpose” as well as extended commentary surrounding these points.

Bob's blog post where you can not only download these documents, but also leave comment for aggregation and inclusion is

Summit attendees are encouraging comment and participation regarding these notes and documents. Please comment either at the bottom of Bob's post, or in any of the LinkedIn groups where these notes are available and/or discussed.

Thanks to Bob Wilson and David Langham for putting the Summit together and getting things moving. Thanks also to all of the participants for taking time to participate with no other agenda than hoping to improve work injury protection systems.


  1. When industry insiders and bloggers are not telling us about ALEC? It's easy to see why injured workers would question the industry insiders, agendas.

    When industry insiders and bloggers refuse to tell the injured workers what is really harming us and who it is that is behind it, it makes one wonder who you all are truly there for?

    Why are you not telling us about ALEC and its war on the injured workers David? Are you like your blogger friend Bob Wilson. Going to claim that you never even heard of them and their war they have declared on the non catastrophic injured workers? Why does it take NPR to continually report the truth to us about workers comp, when you all claim to be telling us the both sides of the story? Yet none of you are reporting about ALEC's war on the injured workers?

    You all try and profess to be pro injured worker, yet refuse to report on how the non catastrophic injured workers are being harmed by ALEC and the State laws they write, that harm injured workers.

    Are you like your friend Bob Wilson? Who say's he did not know about ALEC? Who live's and breaths work comp like you.Yet he likes what he's read about ALEC, and would even consider contributing to their cause? Really pro injured worker?

    ALEC’s goal is clear. It wants less regulation and fewer worker protections in order to boost corporate profits.

    Siding With Corporations and Against Injured Workers
    ALEC's "Noneconomic Damage Awards Act" limits noneconomic damages to only the time the plaintiff lived as opposed to the time he or she would have lived had the injury not occurred. Thus, it limits a corporation's liability for injuring or killing a worker even if a jury would have determined that a larger amount was warranted based on the particular facts of the case.
    ALEC's "Resolution In Support Of Preserving Reasonable Limits on Wrongful Death Actions" attempts to stop efforts to allow a jury to fully compensate a victim's family for all damages in the death of their loved one caused by a corporation by limiting damages to prospective earnings and medical costs. In addition, the resolution attempts to prevent juries from compensating the family for emotional consequences of the loss of their parent, spouse, or child.

    Are you also an ALEC supporter David, and is that why we do not get the full story about who's working to harm the injured workers and their rights in America today from you?

    Take a listen to what us injured workers are up against from industry insiders like your friend Bob, here was one of his comments to me.

    Bob Wilson 05/18/2016 15:59:42
    "Actually I had never even heard of ALEC before you started appending it to my name and throwing it around the web. I had to Google it. But I like what I saw there. Perhaps I'll donate. As for ARAWC - don't tie them to me. I am their least favorite person, being considered "the enemy of Opt Out".

    Darren, you are going to believe what you believe, and I will not be able to change that. I will instead concentrate on those things I think I can change." End comment.

    ARAWC is one of the little brother's of ALEC. How can you all support one while your supposedly fighting against the other? Can you not see the conflicts of interest and the hypocrisy here? What are the injured workers "adversely affected" by the system supposed to think?

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  2. Part 2 of 2.

    So, you folks all claim to be reporting the facts about workers comp to us, and act like your pro injured workers, yet none of you will admit nor tell us the truth about ALEC. Why is that? Some of you even pretend to not know about ALEC. WOW

    Maybe your friend Bob, is correct and your all just naive about ALEC? I find that hard to believe, when you all live and breath work comp on a daily basis.

    Which makes those "adversely affected" injured workers of the work comp systems, really wonder where your true motives and intentions are? As well as these industry insiders having the national debate, that do not want to hear about ALEC, Single payer, nor the voices, of those who have settled their claims, and proven the system to be doing more harm to the injured workers than good, weather they catastrophic or not.

    An injury to one is an injury to all. And no harm, should be being acceptable when it comes to injured workers, for insurance company's to profit. Please take time to learn and report on and about this group named ALEC and their little brother ARAWC.

    Please let the injured workers know who it is that has declared a war on the injured workers and our rights. For if you are truly their for those injured by their job, and this broken system? You would share with us all, the truth about ALEC. Just saying, as one injured worker who was not only harmed in his claim but also witnessed it harm his father n law as well as hearing from about 5000 injured workers on the net, about how their being harmed by this broken profiteering system too.

    When industry insiders and bloggers are not telling us about ALEC? It's easy to see why injured workers would question the industry insiders, agendas.

    1. I would tell you about ALEC, Darren, but I have no idea what it is, or who they are. Your mention of them is all new to me!

    2. Thanks David, Please take time to listen and learn from some of the workers compensation attorneys. Who are fighting for injured workers, are saying about ALEC. I find it odd that these lawyers know what's going on, but you and Bob have not learned about them yet. Please let Bob know, that I do not mean to come across as mean or gruff in my voice and views, it just ends up coming out that way. Any ways please take time to learn from your fellow WILG attorney's and about ALEC''s war on the injured workers here. Peace to all at the table, as always. I guess I will have to give you all the benefit of the doubt, and help to educate you about, what you all seem to not know about.As you have educated me on many things regarding workers comp and more. Peace

      What WILG is Doing for Workers’ Compensation

    3. And a couple more fun educational videos about ALEC for you to enjoy.

      ALEC Rock

      ALEC - The American Legislative Exchange Council - Explained in 5 Minutes

      United States of Alec

      And this one is a great one, speaking directly about workers comp and ALEC.

      Inside The Secret Campaign To Destroy Workers' Rights

      And if your not educated and disgusted enough all ready? Take a look at this.

      The Investigators: ALEC - The Backroom Where Laws Are Born

      Please share this info with your friends. Anyone who considers themselves to be pro injured worker, need to know who and what ALEC is and how their working to erode the grand bargain, against labor and for corporations to profit. If you need more info on ALEC and it's war on workers, so as to be able to share this truth about workers comp with the injured workers of America, let me know David. Peace and happy writing.

    4. Corporate Power and Workers’ Rights
      ALEC works fervently to promote laws that would shield corporations from legal action and allow them to limit the rights of workers. The group’s model legislation would roll back laws regarding corporate accountability, workers compensation and on the job protections.