Monday, March 12, 2012

Workers' Compensation In A Song

In December 2010 I began learning how to play a ukulele. My daughter came home from college with one over Thanksgiving and I was hooked. I decided that the instrument's funky sound, lack of complexity and portability was perfect for The Blues!

Just two weeks after starting my uke education (of course by obsessively going to every ukulele website on the planet and playing with it every free moment available) my assistant took a phone call from the husband of a customer.

The husband called to cancel his wife's WorkCompCentral account. She was terminally ill with cancer and was expected to die in the next couple of weeks - but she was adamant that her husband convey how much she loved WorkCompCentral and how it kept her a part of an industry that was very important to her, workers' compensation.

I was tearfully astonished! I was so moved by this story that I immediately wrote the WorkCompCentral Song. Took, like, 10 minutes at the most to pen the lyrics. I put the lyrics to a simple chord progression that I had learned. I debuted the song at our annual holiday party just a few days later.

Since then I have practiced this fine masterpiece, and at the farewell luncheon for our Legal Editor, John Kamin (who had graduated from law school and was leaving to study for the bar and become a lawyer) the WCC staff broke out into song.

Here it is - we may be the only work comp business in the nation with our own theme song!

WorkCompCentral song

This will be turned into a music video shortly by our new video department!

The departure of John also led to a quick improvisational piece based on a basic blues progression - I ran out of lyrics due to the spontaneity of the event, but it too was recorded:

Kamin song

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