Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No Accounting for Wild Fraud Attempts

Who would think that someone would shoot themselves just to collect work comp benefits, especially in a conservative benefit system such as in Florida?

But that's just what a Pensacola, Fla., paramedic has been accused of.

According to the Pensacola News Journal, Brandon Richie, 28, is scheduled to be tried July 18 on charges that he shot himself to collect workers' compensation benefits.

The newspaper said Richie has been charged with workers' compensation fraud and making a false report.

According to the paper, Richie told the Escambia County Sheriff's office he was shot Jan. 28 by a man wearing a lime-green jacket emblazoned with NASCAR-type patches. But the newspaper said Richie admitted in February his wound was self-inflicted and that he made up the story about being shot, according to the sheriff's office.

The desperation of some people to NOT work just alludes my sense of logic...

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