Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NCCI's Annual Symposium & State of the Industry

I'm writing this in the terminal of Los Angeles International Airport (Gate 4B by the way!) awaiting my flight to Orlando, Florida for this week's annual presentation by NCCI on the state of the industry.

Being from California I have a distorted view of workers' compensation. California represents about 20% of the total workers' compensation market - certainly not an insignificant amount considering there are 49 other states out there, the District of Columbia, and a few territories that provide workers' compensation systems. So going to NCCI Annual Issues Symposium (AIS) gives me perspective on the industry that can't be obtained anywhere.

I learn something new every time I go to the AIS, which is one of the reasons I go. While California has some unique aspects about its work comp system, we have plenty to learn from other states.

Another reason I go is because there are 700 other very high level executives and state administrators who attend, so the networking is fantastic. And sharing thoughts about work comp, understanding the issues, and sharing our common passion for work comp just can't be beat. Plus this is usually the only time out of the year that I can get together with my colleagues.

I certainly will post my color commentary about my experience at AIS and anything new I learn. Of course, my impressions can't replace professional journalism, which is why we will have our Senior News Editor and head of the News Department at WCC, Jim Sams, covering the event. To get the full story be sure to read Jim's pieces following AIS.

And if any of you reading this are going to be at AIS be sure to drop me a line - I'll see you there!

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