Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Free Advertising on WorkCompCentral - Winning!

Everybody likes to win. It's even better when the win is a common win. But it's the best when it's a win, win, win situation!

My sales training guru, Jeffery Gittomer [www.gitomer.com/], discourages blatant sales pitches in marketing material and strongly encourages content that provides value to the reader. Well, I'm going to violate that rule, sort of, by telling you about our new advertising program because I truly believe that this is not just a sales pitch, but is an unbelievable value proposition that will make you a winner, makes WorkCompCentral a winner, and combined elevates our winning to an even higher standard!

I'm talking about our new FREE ADVERTISING program. Wow, FREE advertising! Hold on, skepticism just kicked in - nothing is REALLY free‚ right?

Okay DePaolo, what's the catch?

You're right reader, nothing really is free, but I got your attention!

Here's the basics: you buy a 6 month subscription for someone else, and you get to advertise on WorkCompCentral for no additional charge. The number of impressions allocated to your ad is based upon how many subscriptions you sponsor.

This is why this program is a win, win, win:

First, you really do essentially get free advertising because your only obligation is to buy a subscription for someone else.

Second, what an incredible opportunity for YOU to get in front of YOUR customer or prospect and provide them with VALUE. Can you think of a better way to build that crucial customer relationship? Everyone loves WorkCompCentral but many adjusters, attorneys, administrators and other professionals don't have individual access and must share this great resource with others, which creates access issues. When you give a WorkCompCentral subscription to a customer or prospect you are providing them with access to WorkCompCentral on their own terms - when they want, where they want, how they want!

Third, because the subscription is for 6 months this gives you a reason to contact and be in front of your customer or prospect routinely - every six months. What a great conversation opener and relationship builder!

Fourth, the more subscriptions you sponsor, the more advertising space you get, which means your customers and prospects see your message more often. It is an exponentially growing program of building relationships and getting your message to the people that need to see it!

Fifth, the more subscriptions you sponsor, the more WorkCompCentral grows its user base and usage statistics, which translates to more exposure for you to other new prospects and potential new customers!

All for the price of a six-month individual subscription.

So, as you can see, even though I violated Gittomer's rule in form, the substance of this article is genuinely a value proposition. Please call Christina Childers at 805-484-0333, x. 126 or email her at christina@workcompcentral.com to discuss this great new opportunity and get the details!

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