Friday, February 28, 2014

I Called

We're saying goodbye to Dad today.

So I'm not much for writing about workers' compensation as a consequence; our little industry seems just too inconsequential in comparison.

Instead I'm sharing with you a little verse that I wrote for Dad's memorial. I guess it could be used as a little prayer, but I didn't intend it that way.

It is simply my Dad's life summarized in a few short sentences that came to me on my morning bike ride a few days ago (weird how that happens...).

I didn't have a title for it but I guess the title of this blog post is good enough.

And I don't care if someone else uses it or claims it as their own.

This is my dad:

Husband, Father, Friend, Leader

I called upon my husband
And he gave me security

I called upon my father
And he gave me comfort

I called upon my friend
And he gave me understanding

I called upon my leader
And he gave me guidance


I called upon Him in Heaven
And He gave me love


  1. David, I'm sorry to hear about your Dad's passing. The posts where you shared your personal experience with your Dad's situation were especially poignant and very relatable. Yesterday would have been my Dad's 84th birthday, had he not gone home to be with my Mom who preceded him by 18 months. Even when you know the day is coming, you can never truly be prepared for the reality of knowing only his memory remains. I've got a feeling you and your Dad had such a relationship that, although the conversations will seem one way - you'll be able to still count on his counsel whenever you need him. Time and distance are no longer factors to contend with anymore. Think James Taylor's "Call Out My Name" ... My condolences for you and your family. I'll light a candle for you and throw another log on the fire for your Dad. Peace.

  2. Dave

    So sorry. Lost my dad 15 years ago and I still talk to him. I can hear his voice even now. Only difference is he doesn't interrupt.

    The best