Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's A Holiday Tradition

Thanksgiving Eve.

And I'm taking the day off.

Okay, not exactly. I'm writing this blog post and I'll review emails and likely answer a few.

I might even make some business decisions.

But for the most part I'm taking it easy, or as easy as my hyperactivity will allow.

My daughter came home from college this past weekend for the holiday. My son will be home this afternoon assuming my plane and flying skills are up to the task.

And then we'll probably have a couple beers or some wine, have a spaghetti dinner to prime our stomachs for the festivities tomorrow, and otherwise get some rest so that we can take care of preparations for the Thanksgiving feast.

A lot of families and individuals don't get this luxury. Many don't have relatives to hang with for the holiday. Some are not fortunate enough to even have a place they can call home.

Some might be fending off injury. Others, like my dad, may be wishing for one more day - or not.

Still, there is the tradition. And I think it is a grand tradition.

I get anxious in November. Sales get slow. The weather gets cool (so long as the Santa Ana winds aren't blowing). And then there's gift shopping.

My spouse and I mutually promise every year not to get each other gifts.

And every year we breach that promise. Sometimes in just small ways, other times in big ways.

I guess that's part of the tradition too.

Then there's workers' compensation - commerce and the possibility of work injury doesn't stop just because there's a holiday. Restaurant workers will be serving up food to those folks who don't have a family to go to. Retail clerks will be ringing up sales at those stores that have decided to trump "Black Friday."

Most of us though will relish the time off, watch some football (speaking of work injury), and probably eat too much starchy food.

Because we can.

Because it's tradition.

Because the entire nation pretty much takes a nap for a couple of days.

Then December starts and in between parties, shopping and some family anxiety situations, the economy chugs forward to close out the year.

So here's a shameless plug and I hope you'll forgive me for "content marketing."

This next Friday, December 6, will be our second Holiday Education and Awards Event. Last year we thought it would be great to combine some education with some holiday cheer and came up with this afternoon into evening deal and we had a great time, so we're doing it again, hoping it to be a tradition.

We're holding it at the LAX Radisson because if anyone wants to attend from out of the area it's a snap to get to, and room rates for those of us who enjoy the spirits of the season are very, very reasonable.

We'll be discussing CT claims and extraterritorial jurisdiction, what we can expect out of SB 863 impact in 2014, and probably most interestingly, what's going to happen with lien claims pending the Angelotti injunction and related law suits, all for three continuing education credits.

I'll bring my ukulele to lead everyone in the WorkCompCentral song, we're going to recognize some remarkable people who did remarkable things in workers' compensation this past year, we're going to eat some great food, listen to some great jazz, and otherwise have a great time.

I think you should come, and if you tell the account representative when you call that you heard about the event from this blog you'll get a special deal.

I hope some of you can make it - and if not then that's okay too.

Because I'm thankful that each and every one of you have encouraged me to write about workers' compensation every day.

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