Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Survey Asks Your View on Challenges and Disability

The tides are changing and I have decided to grab my board and surf it!

More specifically, it has been an argument of mine for some time that workers' compensation in its current  various iterations throughout the world is not compliant with today's economy nor social needs.

Employers grumble that it costs too much and there has been a return of civil liabilities that impose new risks that weren't bargained for 100 years ago.

Employees complain that the system does not provide the medical care that was promised, is inefficient in the delivery of benefits, and is no longer fault free.

There are several people in this world who have made it their mission in life to do something about how society deals with the productively challenged. One of them is Christopher Brigham, MD.

Most of you who read this blog know of Dr. Brigham as the Senior Contributing Editor for the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, Sixth Edition and the Chairman of Impairment Resources, a company he founded that reviews and corrects medical report impairment rating. Some of you like him, some of you don't, and some have no opinion.

Over the years I have come to know Dr. Brigham pretty well on a professional level, and more so on a personal level.

What I have found is that those who don't like him, don't understand his mission - they feel threatened that Dr. Brigham will take away or "impair" the way they make a living (sorry, I just couldn't avoid the pun).

Many of those who do like him do so because they think that he is in favor of reducing costs associated with disability indemnity.

Neither of these viewpoints is accurate. The mission of Dr. Brigham is simply to help society realize that those who go through life changing events, such as a work injury, may face new challenges, but are not "disabled".

To that end, Dr. Brigham is engaging in research and has posted on the web a survey to gauge the sentiments of people towards challenges and disabilities. Though the survey is tied to his speech at the upcoming National Workers Compensation and Disability Conference in Las Vegas, on November 9, the results of the survey will provide a broader base for research.

So far Dr. Brigham has obtained several hundred responses.

The survey is located at:

The survey is anonymous. Obviously you can identify yourself if you desire.

We as a nation are in the middle of a profound debate about medical care and access to care. A part of that debate must deal with how to engage those people facing the challenges of either physical or mental impairment (or both simultaneously) and all of the outside influences or pressures these people face. 

You owe it to society to participate and provide your opinion to help shape the debate about the future of how this nation deals with medical care and the treatment of those challenged with adverse physical or mental conditions.
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