Monday, April 11, 2011

Ohio BWC ... Again

Seems like the Ohio BWC can't stay out of trouble. Not long ago there was scandal concerning precious coins, then personnel issues at the top tier of the executive ranks, and now the state agency is being taken to task in a class action lawsuit by small employers essentially arguing that they are being financially discriminated against.

See our story "Appellate Court Affirms Class of Thousands of Employers" today at WorkCompCentral.

The employer plaintiffs in San Allen v. Buehrer argue that the state has given employers who qualify for its group rate-setting plan discounts that are so inexpensive that they are not actuarially sound; while grossly inflating employers' premiums who don't qualify for the group. Moreover, many small businesses have complained that a single accident or two can force them out of the group.

One has to wonder if all of the trouble that the Ohio BWC gets into would happen in a competitive state.

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